Workforce Development

Sector-focused workforce development builds deep relationships with regional industries leading to positive impacts for both businesses and people. Businesses receive access to new streams of skilled talent and create a workforce system more responsive to their needs. Residents receive new opportunities to enter high-demand career pathways, thus resulting in increased earnings.


Grant Associates will leverage our extensive experience in operating multiple sectoral workforce initiatives, including the nation’s largest sector-focused center in New York City, the Workforce1 Industrial and Transportation Career Center (ITC), to help clients develop a sector strategy, build the acumen of staff in administering a sectoral initiative, and provide management tools for board staff and service provider management to ensure ongoing success.

Our offerings include:

  • Use of Labor Market Information (LMI), and other economic and workforce-related data to best understand in-demand and growth industry sectors in the designated region.
  • Form best practices in connecting with local businesses and national companies in specific sector-based industries.
  • Understand the labor market trends in the client’s designated region.
  • Identify strategies for collaboration between regional Workforce Development Boards and establish business connections to afford access to all services and opportunities for both business and individual customers regardless of the geographic region.