Technology Analysis & Consulting

We provide consulting services to develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database for clients and train staff on how to best utilize the system. The platform can also be designed to facilitate communication and coordination between a variety of organizations and their staff members.


Grant Associates has extensive experience in managing a state-of-the-art computer network. Our company utilizes SymphonyNotesTM, our proprietary CRM built on the platform, stores and manages prospect and customer information, providing a seamless process that converts all customer files into a single management system.

Our technology provides staff with the ability to continually manage and analyze the customer’s interactions and data throughout the participant’s lifecycle, such as an Individualized Participant Assessment (IPA), Employment Plan (EP), trainings, job interviews, job prospects, as well as labor market data to measure workforce outcomes for businesses, jobseekers and partners. The database also records various additional supportive interactions between the customer and staff, including one-on-one meetings, telephone calls, direct mail, emails and utilizes text alert services. This system maintains an up-to-date computer network infrastructure with tracking and reporting features that enable staff to monitor trends and enhance business relationships with customers.

The CRM framework we are proposing to build enables direct integration with state-mandated automated systems via Application Interface Programming (API) connections. This platform, with the highest level of data security, would be able to facilitate a linkage for community partners or workforce systems currently in operation, and accommodate bulk uploads of datasets to be integrated for systems with limited connectivity or access. The database would be customized to capture all information relevant to employers (businesses) with which all partner organizations have relationships, as well as the contacts, leads, opportunities, and outcomes associated with those employers. Customized reports and dashboards would be created to provide users and their organizations with the real-time information they need to be successful. Our Developer will conduct planning meetings with the key stakeholders to shape the product specifications.

Our offerings include:

  • Customization of Metadata to support the collaboration of multiple organizations through the employer engagement process from prospecting through fulfillment.
  • The design of an Automated Business Processes for repetitive actions to save users time and enforce data and process standardization.
  • A Customized User Interface specific to different users, user types, and/or organizations.
  • Functionality to connect with partner organizations that will be engaging with the system.
  • Security Features of the database to support the requested level of data protection and data sharing across organizations.
  • Developing reporting and dashboards
  • Supplementing the database launch with staff training.
  • Train-the-trainer services for individuals who will be acting as “super users” of the database and/or training new users in its use.