Sector Development

Grant Associates pioneered sector-focused workforce development programs. In fact, much of our work formed the basis of the evidence supporting this model.


Our sector programs, with their deep connections to industry, offer customers technical skills that meet employers’ needs. We have long-standing relationships with hundreds of the nation’s largest employers. These relationships are cross-country, and we often leverage relationships developed in one program or region to benefit another. Because we proactively engage businesses to share opportunities they may not be aware of, we are a valued partner with a positive reputation.

We first engage businesses and their industries to understand the skills gaps that exist. We then meet with training providers to understand who has the capacity and experience to offer trainings to meet these skills gaps. We work with both parties to set up tailored training. We will offer on-the-job training, customized training programs, and sector-based training, shaping all training to the nuances of each business.