Request for Qualifications: LA County Workforce Consultant

Request for Qualification Information:

RFQ Number: RFQ# 22-1

RFQ Name: LA County Workforce Consultant

Date Issued: February 14, 2022

Contact Person: Rick Filippelli

Email Address:

Submittals Accepted Until: 5:00 pm EDT, February 21st, 2022


Submittals Delivered to:

E-mail Address:


General Information:

NOTICE:  Notice is hereby given that statement of qualifications will be received by Grant Associates, for LA County Workforce Consultant by filing with Grant Associates at the above email address.


PURPOSE/BACKGROUND:  Grant Associates, a national workforce development company, is seeking request for proposals for a partner with experience and deep ties to the LA County workforce system who can provide intelligence and make connections to the key stakeholders in the area. Grant Associates aims to increase its understanding of the current landscape in LA County Workforce as well as its brand and name recognition in the area.


QUALIFICATIONS:  This project will require the LA County Workforce Consultant to have the following qualifications:

  • Five (5) or more years of related experience
  • Experience working with key workforce stakeholders
  • Familiarity with Grant Associates’ nature of business
  • Commission fee



Event Date
RFQ Release February 14, 2022
Vendor Questions (if any) Due February 16, 2022
Responses to Vendor Questions February 18, 2022
Proposal Responses Due February 21, 2022
Selection Completed February 22, 2022



Prospective candidates should submit a formal quotation to:


PROPRIETARY PROPOSAL MATERIAL:  Any proprietary information revealed in the proposal should, therefore, be clearly identified as such.


SIGNATURES:  RFQs shall be signed by one of the legally authorized officers of said firm.


EVALUATION CRITERIA: Evaluations will be based on the criteria listed below:

  • Demonstrated experience working with Los Angeles County Workforce System and ability to develop a workforce system overview or map which includes all the key workforce stakeholders in the area. Strong connections to key stakeholders with the ability to conduct outreach and make connections to Grant Associates team either thru email handoff or recommending contacts.
  • Qualifications to provide services
  • Reasonableness of the fee for services
  • History of supporting workforce development programs in Los Angeles County and ability to provide insight on strategy and branding.
  • Ability to meet in-person or virtually with both corporate leadership and local staff in Los Angeles.

Grant Associates may select a limited number of Responders for telephone interviews before the selection committee.


QUESTIONS:  Questions regarding this project may be directed to Rick Filippelli via e-mail at

Unauthorized contact regarding this RFQ with other Grant Associates’ employees may result in disqualification. Any oral communications will be considered unofficial and non-binding on Grant Associates. Any questions will be answered via email and will be submitted to all respondents. It is the responsibility of individual firms to check their emails for any amendments or Q&As to this RFQ.


REJECTION OF SUBMITTALS:  Grant Associates reserves the right to reject any and all submittals and to waive irregularities and informalities in the submittal and evaluation process. This RFQ does not obligate Grant Associates to pay any costs incurred by respondents in the preparation and submission of their qualifications. Furthermore, the RFQ does not obligate Grant Associates to accept or contract for any expressed or implied services.


EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT: The successful consultant or consultants must comply with Grant Associates’ equal opportunity requirements.  Grant Associates is committed to a program of equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, nationality, or disability.


TITLE VI:  It is Grant Associates’ policy to assure that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, or sex, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise discriminated against under any of its federally funded programs and activities.


COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS AND REGULATIONS:  In addition to nondiscrimination and affirmative action compliance requirements previously listed, the Temporary Agency or Agencies ultimately awarded the business shall comply with federal, state, and local laws, statutes and ordinances relative to the execution of the work.