One-Stop Operations


Our early involvement with Fortune 100 companies that needed help solving staffing shortages helped define our approach to One-Stop management and led to the success of our One-Stop programs in major U.S. cities. In New York City alone, Grant Associates has been the leading One-Stop provider since 2005, serving more than 100,000 individuals and 5,000 businesses annually. We take pride in our ability to continuously transform people’s lives — exposing them to careers, empowering them with job search tools, building skills, addressing their obstacles to employment and advancement, connecting them with jobs that fit their overall career plan, and coaching them on how to manage their finances.

Our services are delivered with the long term in mind — using employment as just one component of a career strategy. Given that many customers have limited exposure to potential career pathways, our first priority is to expose them to relevant options and connect them with those that best match their interests, skills, lifestyle and financial needs. At the same time, we support their growth and move them along a sensible career pathway that includes education and training and job advancement.