In Memory of Andy Kertesz

We are sad to announce that our Grant Associates colleague and friend, Andy Kertesz, Business Relationship Manager at the Industrial Transportation Center in New York, has passed away. Andy was an incredible person. He was a man of strong character – a true gentleman. He was a consummate professional and a team player with a great sense of humor. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he had a passion to help his team, his colleagues, and our company to be better. Good salesmen can sell their product and service; great salesmen can sell themselves. To see Andy in action at a networking event, working the room, was a thing of beauty – fearless, genuine, positive and interested. A true New Yorker. He believed in what we do and was the heart and soul of our work-based learning program, Scholars At Work. He saw the value and importance of the impact we make and took great pride in his ability to make a difference in the lives of his fellow New Yorkers. We are grateful to have had him in our lives, and for all that he has done for our customers and our company. We will miss him terribly. Our thoughts are with the love of his life, Rosie, at this difficult time.