Grant Associates Launches Business Services Program in Houston, Texas


October 16, 2017

Houston, TX – Grant Associates, a nationally acclaimed workforce development company, announced today that it will begin a new partnership with the Gulf Coast Workforce Board and its operating affiliate, Workforce Solutions, to begin offering employer services, matching job candidates with employer needs in the 13 county Houston-Galveston region of Texas.

On behalf of Workforce Solutions, Grant Associates will market and promote Employer Service resources to a wide range of businesses in key sectors to build the talent pipeline for the region’s 140,000 area employers. Using a market-driven approach, Grant Associates will identify hiring needs and drive the area’s economic development by working diligently to connect businesses with the hundreds of thousands of skilled workers in the region.

Doug Cotter, President, said, “We are excited to bring our demand-driven sector approach to business services to Houston at this critical time in their economic development.”

Grant Associates will employ a staff of 20 Business Consultants who will provide a full suite of services to more than 26,000 employers in the Gulf Coast region.
The services will include building strong relationships with area employers, connecting employers to their local Workforce Solutions Career Offices, assisting employers with posting their available jobs in the state’s Work in Texas portal, connecting employers to training resources, and designing and executing custom solutions for industry-wide skills shortages.