Grant Associates honored to underwrite the 2018 Dwight Brydie Scholarships

Grant Associates was honored to underwrite the 2018 Dwight Brydie Scholarships at the California Workforce Association’s Youth@Work 2018 conference held January 9-11, 2018 in Sacramento, CA. The scholarships, which posthumously honor a longstanding employee of the Economic Development District who was a passionate and committed advocate for youth, were awarded to three very deserving youths to assist them in reaching their education and employment goals.


This year’s three recipients, all in-program youth from California between the ages of 16-24, have worked hard to get where they are today and have bright futures despite the odds stacked against them. A young man who grew up in an abusive home and spent time in juvenile detention who will become a firefighter; a young “Dreamer”, who has watched her mother fight breast cancer, pursuing her goal of becoming a journalist; a young woman, who came into this world a two-pound preemie born with fetal alcohol syndrome, studying hard to become a neonatal nurse. These young adults have overcome more obstacles than most of us could ever dream of, yet each one of them has the drive and perseverance not only to succeed in life, but to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities through the careers they have chosen.


Grant Associates is proud to partner with the California Workforce Association to recognize these outstanding young people and we wish them much success in their educational pursuits and beyond.