Federal Incentives

Partnering to Support Business Growth At Grant Associates, our Business Support Services help businesses grow by providing assistance navigating government programs and accessing financial incentives and loans, training programs, technical assistance, and more. Grant Associates has a proven record for staffing the right talent. With funding from our government partners, we screen candidates and create hiring events, even offer customized training programs — at no cost to employers. Through our services, businesses have access to labor market intelligence, as well as information on taxes and incentives.


Worker Opportunity Tax Credit

Employers who hire veterans and other targeted groups with barriers (Public Assistance recipients, long term unemployed, Justice Involved customers) can claim up to $9,600 in tax credits. While up to $1 Billion in tax credits is awarded each year, many companies who can collect these funds do not know how to access them and do not collect funds available to them. A Grant Associates representative can help guide you through the process.

ITA Vouchers

Individual Training Account (ITA) vouchers are funded by the Federal government for occupational skills training in growth industries that lead to meaningful employment. ITA Voucher values vary depending on geographic location and must be used for training at an approved program listed on the Eligible Training Provider List for that region. Companies can refer their employees to Grant Associates or other local workforce services providers to obtain skill building that will add to their employability and help them attain promotion and other economic benefits.

On-the-Job Training

Incentive may be available to businesses through local workforce services providers to help defray the cost of training eligible new full-time employees. Businesses may receive reimbursement for up to 50 percent of the costs to provide on-the-job training for individuals who were hired through the public workforce system.

Federal Bonding Program

The Federal government offers a protective bond at minimal cost to companies to offset any loss of funds resulting from hiring staff from targeted disadvantaged populations. More information can be found online at: bonds4jobs.com

Earned Income Tax Credit

Some working employees who file income tax, are US citizens or have a green card and a valid social security number are entitled to direct cash refunds depending on annual income and number of dependent children. Find out more at: eitc.irs.gov