The Career Advance program is designed to help you find and stay in work.

There’s a job out there for you, and we’ll help you find it.

Think of us as your personal career coach.

We’re here to help you:

  • Identify your job goals
  • Increase your skills through training programs
  • Access resources to improve your chances of getting hired
  • Connect you with employment opportunities


Offering more flexibility and a greater focus on your individual needs – it is now easier to participate and succeed.

Having a job is about more than money. It gives you control of your life and can improve your health and wellbeing.

If you’ve been referred to us, your Career Services Coordinator will be in contact with you to get started.

In the meantime take our career discovery quiz.

Your personal Career Services Coordinator

Your Career Services Coordinator is here to help you achieve your goals and give you advice and support along the way. We can help with:

Career advice

Creating or updating your resume

Preparing you for job interviews

Accessing training and certificates

Finding you a job

We’re interested in finding out more about you, your strengths, your goals and any challenges you are facing in finding employment.

Contact your Career Services Coordinator to get started today.

What to expect

Job opportunities

We work with local employers who are looking for staff right now and can help you identify the best jobs for you to apply for and prepare you for the interview.

Contact your Career Services Coordinator to find out about current opportunities.

Training programs

Training and certification programs can help boost your chances of getting a job. We offer training for various industries including food service, OSHA, security and Home Health Aide.

Contact your Career Services Coordinator to find out about upcoming programs.

Support for success

We can assist you with childcare and transportation costs while you’re looking for work, help you access transitional benefits once you obtain employment and continue to support you for 12 months once you’ve started work.

Contact your Career Services Coordinator to find out about assistance available to you.

Take the career discovery quiz

While no online test could ever fully analyze the amazing human you are, it’s a quick, fun way to start thinking about possible careers that might be suited to your unique personality.

Take the quiz now and see what careers you might be interested in based on your results.

Upcoming workshops

Our Career Services Coordinators run regular free information and training workshops for one hour between 10am – 12pm Monday to Friday to help you get job ready.

Topics include:

  • Motivation Monday
  • Mock interviews
  • Training information
  • Tech Tuesdays
  • Interview prep
  • Post-employment
  • Financial Friday


Contact your Career Services Coordinator for the latest schedule and to register for a topic that interests you. You can attend as many as you want.

Be inspired by other job seekers like you

“I am now self-sufficient and financially stable. I’ve gained confidence and experience will which help me grow and advanced my career”


“Finding a career has eliminated a lot of uncertainty in my life. I now have a stable full-time career with health benefits and have been able to obtain an apartment for me and my family. I couldn’t be happier, and I love my job.”


“I can provide for my family and am making more money than I ever made and even have a savings account”


Get in touch

To get started contact your Career Services Coordinator using the phone numbers below or complete the form.

Monday-Friday 8:45am-5pm
P: (646) 930 -1580

Monday-Friday 8:45am-5pm
P: (646) 789-5399

Monday-Friday 8:45am-5pm
P: (646) 248-6094