Board Engagement Training

Grant Associates board training can help change the trajectory of your organization by training you on how to increase the quality and experience of your board members through recruitment of “Gold Star” individuals.   Once you have identified your key board members the next step is to make sure you are correctly dealing with pitfalls that a board may encounter, such as lack of engagement, too much engagement, or misdirected focus.


We will work with Workforce Development Board and staff leadership to assess current levels of board engagement, provide “tips and tools” to establish more dynamic board meetings and more engaged members and help design robust plans for board members to truly engage within the system in their volunteer capacity, such as fundraising, attending community meetings, as well as using their expertise and networks to interact within community partners.

Joining a board is only the first step of engagement for a Board member. This training will demonstrate how to engage the Executive Team and involve each Board member personally and in the overall mission of the organization. Board members who are truly invested in and advocates of the organization can make a difference in the Workforce development outcomes.

Our training offerings include:

  • Recruiting and hiring top notch board members
  • Building trust between board members.
  • Planning and conducting robust board meetings.
  • Engaging board members beyond the board room
  • Mentorships, pairing a current board member with a current board member.
  • Managing crisis