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NYC Mayor Opens Grant Associates’ Jobs Plus Center in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Dale, Mayor and Sheroma web format

Pictured: Grant Associates President Dale Grant, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Sheroma Jacobs, Business Services Manager for Jobs Plus.

Brooklyn, NY, Jan. 27, 2015 — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference on Jan. 27 at the Grant Associates-operated Jobs Plus center in Brownsville, Brooklyn, to announce its recent opening and name Cyrus Garrett the executive director of the Young Men’s Initiative (YMI), which funds Jobs Plus.

YMI is a $130 million public-private partnership founded in 2011 by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg to support young men of color. Mayor de Blasio announced a plan for YMI’s expansion over the next three years that will focus on literacy, job training, mentoring and college preparation, and crime prevention.

In addition to the opening of the Brownsville Jobs Plus center in December, the plan includes tutoring and reading programs for 10,000 children in grades K-2, the recruitment and training of 1,000 minority men as public city school teachers, and the pairing by 2017 of 5,000 high school boys with mentors to prepare the students for college. The YMI also will play a critical roll in strengthening ties between the NYPD, the community and minority youth.

Jobs Plus Business Services Manager Sheroma Jacobs, a Brownsville native, had a starring role during the mayor’s visit, conducting a mock job interview with him and speaking during the press conference about her experience growing up in Brownsville and the important part Jobs Plus plays for residents of the community, which is predominantly minority. The center expects to serve 1,600 local residents with job placement assistance, training, financial counseling and other supportive services.

“We at Jobs plus are prepared to help as many people who want the service and we’re willing to do that one person at a time until we see change,” she said.

The mayor also chatted with job seekers working at computer terminals, asking questions about their career plans.

“The Jobs Plus program is an example of the kind of thing that really reaches people – helps them build skills, helps them connect to jobs that they wouldn’t have necessarily known about otherwise,” the mayor said. “It’s one example of the first stage of the Young Men’s Initiative and one of the most promising elements of it.”

Mayor and teamsm news item placement

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference on Jan. 27 to open the Brownsville Jobs Plus center in Brooklyn, and name the new Executive Director of the Young Men’s Initiative, which funds Jobs Plus. YMI’s expanded plans over the next three years include programs focused on literacy, job training, mentoring and crime prevention.

Visit the Mayor’s Youtube page to hear the entire conference.