Unyielding principles
that guide us every day

Grant Associates aspires to doing more, doing better.  Our reputation lies in building lasting bonds and abiding by the highest ethical standards.  Stakeholder input has been instrumental in our never-ending effort to improve our performance.

While achieving results has long been ingrained in our culture, it is always with the purpose of ensuring that the needs of employers and funders are met. In conjunction with companies, government agencies and community organizations, Grant Associates promotes cooperation across all sectors to create an effective and holistic service model.

We work, lead and grow by the following principles:

Commitment — delivering on what we promise, adhering to ways that excel and impact all those served

Integrity  — abiding by the highest ethics, ensuring compliance

Innovation  — pursuing ways to push the boundaries, leveraging technology

Collaboration  — partnering to leverage resources, maximizing investments in a results-oriented way

We’re always looking for new talent to join our team and grow with us.

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