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Newark placements reach nearly 600 in just nine months

Newark JOBS CONNECT, the city’s new workforce center operated by Grant Associates since October 2013 under a contract with the City of Newark, has placed nearly 600 job seekers since opening day, already exceeding the halfway mark to a contract goal of 800 placements in jobs paying $9 to $11 per hour. Newark has a robust employer base, with the largest number of placements made in healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, finance, hospitality and transportation, said Program Director Abby Raji.

The center is also making strides placing mid-career level professionals earning $45,000 or more per year in such fields as administration, accounting and engineering. The center is now offering weekly orientations geared toward the mid-career professional and is pre-screening these candidates for positions as they become available. “What’s driving success is that the business community and job seeker community are both hungry for the type of services we offer and are responding well to it,” Ms. Raji said.

In addition, local banks including PNC, Wells Fargo and TD Bank, will be onsite at the center starting on July 10 for a series of seven weekly financial management  workshops that Newark JOBS CONNECT staff  will conduct for job seekers.  The banks will go over their product offerings with candidates and help them to open accounts.

Beginning of third year in Detroit sees major gains

In just the first six months of 2014, Detroit’s three One-Stop Centers have already completed over 3,000 job seeker placements, nearly 650 more placements made during all of last year. Grant Associates provides case management and related services for the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation’s (DESC) One-Stops.

On target to place more than 6,000 job seekers

Director Richard Acosta attributed the increase to a beefed up Account Management team, greater outreach to the city’s employers, and a strong marketing initiative that has increased the DESC’s brand recognition and positioned the One-Stops as Detroit’s official workforce agency. The centers, he said, are on target to place more than 6,000 job seekers during the 2014-15 contract years.