Monthly Archives: January 2013

DC Department of Human Services triples number of TANF recipients to be served by Grant Associates

Grant Associates, which began providing services for TANF recipients deemed not “work ready” in January 2012, has been able to achieve extraordinary rates of placement under its DC contract with the Department of Human Services, even for those who had been on public assistance for 10 years or more. Vanessa Preston, Manager of the company’s Washington DC office, was asked to testify twice, on December 7th and again on January 7th, to the DC City Council, to discuss our early successes under a redesigned TANF program. In recognition of the results, our contract with the District was tripled for 2013.

B2W, Pathways to Independence, launched in Manhattan on January 1

Grant Associates launched a new welfare to work initiative on January 1, 2013, “B2W, Pathways to Independence” for the New York City Department of Human Resource Administration (HRA).

The primary focus of this effort is to provide job readiness training and long-term employment opportunities for individuals who have applied or are currently receiving public assistance. Paula Bailey, Senior Vice President, of New York Operations leads a team of Intake Specialists, Career Advisors, Account Managers, Trainers, and Career Coaches to accomplish the goals of the program. Included in these goals is the successful placement of two thousand plus individuals into long lasting, sustainable positions, thereby helping them to transition from welfare to self-sufficiency.

The B2W program, like all of Grant’s programs, are housed in state of the art facilities in upscale buildings, in this case at 55 West 125th Street and 60 Madison Avenue. Business dress and polite interaction with peers is required. The environment is intentionally professional both to prepare customers for the culture of the workplace and to make them feel valued. This strategy has proven successful in working with even the most difficult populations. Customer’s rise to the standards and expectations we establish and prove to themselves that they are good candidates for employment no matter what their background.