Monthly Archives: December 2012

Employment Works opens its doors to anyone with a criminal justice history

In December, 2012, Employment Works, operated by Grant Associates under contract with the NYC Department of Small Business Services, began accepting anyone with a criminal justice background for focused training and employment services. Since 2009, Employment Works has been working with individuals mandated to participate by the NYC Department of Probation. Though its initial Employment Works contract in Queens ended in 2012, Grant Associates was awarded a new contract to begin operations in Brooklyn, still focusing on probationers.

The recent program expansion has allowed us to offer customized GED, occupational skills training, case management and placement to anyone in the community who needs focused support because of a criminal justice history. The expansion has also allowed us to provide transitional services at Rikers, where we are now conducting a monthly employment readiness workshop for the inmates interested in obtaining their Food Handler’s license while detained. For those who pass the Food Handler’s license exam, then reported to Employment Works upon release for a more in depth 5-day training. At the end the training there is a graduation ceremony and participants receive their license.