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Grant Associates Educates Businesses about Crowdfunding

One element in the JOBS Act up for debate is the equity Crowdfunding legislation, which would allow start-ups to raise seed capital from online investors. Some legislators are concerned about the potential risks posed by equity sharing in Crowdfunding, while others argue this bill can offer investors increased protections and hold start-ups and Crowdfunding platforms accountable.

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Scholars at Work launches internships for 125 high school seniors on February 26

The Industrial and Transportation Center’s Scholars at Work Program, which matches high school seniors with business was launched in 2010 with just 17 interns participating. While that year’s graduation ceremony was held in a small room at the NYC Department of Education, by 2012, program participants and their families and supporters filled the auditorium at the Brooklyn Museum. This year the program is almost doubling again with 125 students beginning internships. Fifty employers are participating including the MTA, Bombardier, and Quadlogic Manufacturing, and several manufacturers in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.